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-Porosity test, fabric strength test, line inspection, line measurement & symmetry work, line strength test, full canopy inspection of upper and lower cells and ribs, cleaning of any debris, riser inspection
Paraglider line strength test (done on 1 main, 1 intermediate and/or 1 top line) $45
Post incident lines inspection (includes inspection of each line, symmetry check from left to right and line tabs check) $50
Line measurement (normally followed by in-depth symmetry work charged by the hour) $50
In depth symmetry work $55/hour
Post incident canopy inspection (upper & lower sail and all ribs inside, seams and line tabs) $55
Full porosity with fabric strength test on upper and lower sails $35
Lines $20
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*Prices are subject to change

$55 per hour, plus materials
Please send a picture of the damage to your wing and we will give you an estimate.

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