P.AP. Paramotors

The first PAP paramotor was designed by Pierre Aubert by the end of 1989. Pierre began to fly in 1986 and by that time he settled in Marbella, Spain. A little later he had a first contact with the newborn sport of powered paragliding in France. The first motors seen then had a high hang-point and were, in general, not very comfortable to pilot. This was what made Pierre design his own Paramotor with a low hang-point, more similar to what he was used to in free flight. PAP was born. This new design featuring a low hang-point, which offered a feeling closer to free flight’s, was a great innovation. That, together with the attraction of this new sport and the interest from the PG professionals in Spain, helped the beginning of the company founded by Pierre Aubert, Marbella Parapente S.L.